Industry 4.0 & Voice Assistants, with Screevo

Data entry is a notoriously time-consuming and-yes, boring activity. However, almost every business, also in the manufacturing sector, relies upon data entry to some extent. Let’s see how voice assistants can help take smart factories up a notch and make Industry 4.0 a reality.

Voice interfaces have already proven to be valuable assets in the daily lives of users, but Screevo is taking voice technology one step further and bringing it into the smart factory of Industry 4.0.

Born in May 2021, Screevo is an Italian startup based in Rome. Screevo supports businesses in tackling through the power of voice technology the challenges that come with controlling big industrial systems. The platform they have developed allows operators, usually required to enter information manually into a database, to simply dictate to the assistant. Voice simplifies the whole process and makes data entry significantly more efficient, as it allows operators to save up to 40% of their time.

It should come as no surprise that the genius of Screevo was immediately recognized in July 2021 by LVenture Group, who selected them for its acceleration program LUISS EnLabs. Thanks to LVenture Group and Boost VC, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund, Screevo was able to close its first round of investments at €500k.

In our second SpeakEasy, we talked together with Domenico Crescenzo, Screevo’s CEO, about how a voice-based solution can support organizations in their digital transformation journeys and how exactly Screevo helps minimizing inefficiencies in data entry.

More efficient data entry thanks to voice

McKinsey reports that, within a given company, workers spend around 800 hours every year operating on software systems. This is about 40% of their total time. Obviously, these softwares cannot be avoided altogether, but perhaps a better solution can replace the traditional manual insertion of data.

From this scenario, three things become clear:

  1. Data entry is a necessity in a lot of sectors, even beyond the manufacturing one;
  2. Data entry takes up a significant amount of time;
  3. Data entry does not offer any added value to the organization.

That’s where Screevo comes in with its innovative voice-based solution, that allows operators to save time and improve on efficiency by directly inputting information into the company’s databases via voice.

Seamless data entry in a manufacturing company

The way Screevo is able to slim down processes becomes very evident when we consider a concrete scenario that most manufacturing companies are very familiar with: the moment a truck full of materials comes in.

As the truck arrives at the warehouse, the goods will need to be registered into the company’s database, so that other workers are able to know that the materials necessary for production are available.

In a food manufacturing company, the person working the forklift would traditionally need to individually lift every single ingredient to measure its weight on a scale. Every time they would need to get off the forklift, insert the date both on the scale and on the management system to keep track of inventory, print labels and then get on the machine again to place every ingredient into storage.

You can only imagine how many times every operator was required to repeat this process every day. An estimate is that each one is effectively wasting 2 hours of their time on these tasks, daily.

Thanks to Screevo, the forklift operator can directly take each ingredient where it needs to be, without ever having to get off the machinery, as they can simply dictate the data that needs to be entered to the microphone of his headset.

Seamless data entry in the healthcare sector

Let’s take an example in the healthcare sector, where nurses and doctors are more and more overwhelmed with the amount of administrative work they are required to do. 

Usually, they walk in the corridors of a hospital, visit their patients and, once they’ve completed their rounds, they need to reserve some time to go back to their office to manually enter the information they have gathered in their digital or, even, physical notebooks. 

The example shows how, in this process, doctors’ time and attention is taken away from those who most need it, i.e. their patients. That’s where a voice assistant could allow healthcare workers to absolve to their data entry needs, by simply answering the questions of the assistant.

Are companies ready for voice-first data entry?

The feedback that folks at Screevo are receiving, so far, is very positive. People operating in businesses that rely heavily on data entry recognize these cases as their own and see the potential of voice to improve their efficiency. 

There are some companies that think it’s too early for them or that are not sure that the users, i.e. their employees, will actually want to interact with a voice-controlled device. It is not uncommon to encounter some initial skepticism towards a new technology. In most cases, the distrust is overcome simply by testing out the technology, at least once, and realizing how it can actually help making one’s life or job easier and more efficient. 

After all, voice is an extremely-if not the most-natural way of interacting for humans.

Curious to know how voice technology can help your firm?

Check out our guides to voice tech for banks, financial services and insurance companies, healthcare, and automotive.

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