Now we're talking.

95 million

U.S. adults owning at least one smart speaker. Half of them being daily users.

$2 billion

Global spending on conversational AI solutions within contact centers in 2022


The increase of interactions handled by conversational agents since early 2020

We combine the three key elements
that make for great digital products



We have developed vertical areas of competence around voice technology and conversational AI


What path makes sense for your business? Should you build an Alexa Skill, an IVR system, or are you better suited for a custom chat-based assistant? Let us help you sort this out.

Ideation and prototyping

We apply the latest methodologies and spice them up with our special Voca-lime flavour. The result? Use cases that ensure high engagement and added value for your users.

Conversation design

How annoying is it when a voice app or a chatbot don't get what you want? We hate that too. We define conversations that feel natural and encourage users to come back.

Software development

We are a tech-driven company and coding is our not-so hidden first love. Alexa Skills Kit, Jovo, Rasa, Dialogflow, Twilio Autopilot, GPT-3: these are just some of the technologies we work with daily.

Voice Search Optimization

Google Search is tricky. Voice Search even more so. We know the tools to help you stand out when users look for content through their voice.

IoT Integration

Do you build hardware and want to make your products controllable by voice? That sounds really cool and we would love to help you out.

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