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Leading with Conversation Design
Set up and scale successful CxD teams and efficient processes

A growing number of organizations consider their chat and voice assistants as strategic customer-facing channels.

To support this vision and deliver delightful conversational experiences, a company benefits greatly from having a well-balanced Conversation Design team and a structured process.

“Leading with Conversation Design” is here to help you understand how Conversation Design fits within an organization and how to get your own CxD team running.

We’ll be giving you all the insiders’ tips of 15 industry leaders as well as our own about:

✅ the 3 most common strategies organizations adopt to approach Conversational AI
✅ the phases Conversation Design teams go through
✅ how to set up a successful Conversation Design process
✅ the fight for Conversation Design legitimacy & the most impactful strategies for managing stakeholder expectations

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