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Guest delight and operational efficiency, one voice command away
alexa smart properties working on a roomalexa smart properties working on a room

Who is Alexa Smart Properties for?

hotel room


Make your guests feel taken care of, leveraging the simplicity and practicality of Alexa and sprinkling in your personal touch.

Asking for information about your hotel and the area, setting alarms, ordering room service, playing music and controlling the room’s temperature: these and many more actions are one voice command away from completion.

Senior Living

Elevate the quality of life of your community’s residents in their communities, empowering them to stay informed, independent and connected.

Alexa Smart Properties allows you to offer personalized care solutions, whilst streamlining operational workflows and enabling your staff to focus on higher impact work.

Senior Living ASP
public venue

Public Venues

Deliver a superior match-day experience to fans, through an innovative and personalized voice-based solution that your stadium corporate boxes to another level.

There’s nothing like ordering food, accessing sports stats and highlights, and controlling the room’s devices, by simply asking Alexa.

Main benefits for your property

Delight guests

Take away the friction and give your guests the gift of a personal assistant that provides them the information and recommendations, controls the lights and temperature, takes care of bookings, and communicates with your staff for them, when needed.The best part? The only thing they’ll need to do is ask Alexa.

Increase efficiency

Contain operational costs, allowing Alexa to take over routine tasks and your staff to focus on the high-impact tasks that benefit from human touch the most. Alexa Smart Properties also facilitates communication between different staff departments, guaranteeing guest experience is always as impeccable as it should be.

Enhance upselling

Make your own and your partners’ products and services easier to discover and to order, through direct purchase. Real-time data and the extensive dashboards give you workable insights on what your customer’s favorite services are, to keep your offering up to date and meet the expectations of your guests.

Make your guests feel at home

ASP conversation with guestsASP used by employee
Alexa Smart Property is equipped to support all your English, Italian, and German- speaking guests and staff members.

Allow your staff to work smarter

ASP used by employeeASP used by hotel employee

A solution that takes privacy to heart

The recordings will never be saved. Neither Vocalime, you, or other third party will have access to any personal data about the customer. Guests won’t be able to log onto the device with their personal accounts and the use of the devices is always optional.

Communicate with your guests and monitor real-time analytics

The staff will be able to send notifications to communicate in real time with your guests and set up promotional campaigns, which will be active on the devices at the most appropriate time.

Is it hard to implement?

Not at all. We’re here to fully support you throughout it:

1. Demo Alexta Smart Properties
2. Defining use cases
3. Software development & testing
4. Installing devices & go-live
5. Monitoring & OptimizationASP Implementation time line


How much does it cost?
The investment is composed of an initial set-up cost, which includes the provision of the devices, and a monthly recurring fee, calculated on the number of active rooms. Contact us for a detailed quote.
What kind of questions can guests ask Alexa?
Guests can ask information about the property, services and meal hours, the weather, as well as tips on recommended activities.

Furthermore, they can request staff intervention, providing details on their needs, but also order your own and your partners’ products and services, and control entertainment, lights and room temperature (connected devices required).

The solution is flexible and can also be fully personalized to the property’s requirements.
Does Alexa work in multiple languages?
Yes, at the moment Alexa Smart Properties in Italy supports Italian, English and German.

The best part is that you won’t need to worry about re-configuring each device for every guest. When new guests address Alexa, the device will automatically identify the language they speak and will respond accordingly.
Which devices will be installed?
Amazon offers both Alexa devices with a screen and without one. The devices with a screen are often preferred by properties looking to offer added functionalities and, among these devices, the most indicated ones are the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Show 8.
Can I install Alexa Smart Properties autonomously?
No, Alexa Smart Properties is an exclusive Amazon program, which requires that a certified Solution Provider takes care of the installation.

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